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“The traveler sees what he sees; the tripper what he has come to see.”
-G.K. Chesterton.

From the time British poet/ musician/ filmmaker Steve Scott arrived at St. Marks in the Bowery with a plastic bag full of poems, he has been playing havoc with the three Ps of poetry, prose, and performance, combining them in new and startling ways. A graduate of Croydon College of Art, he has written and performed widely in the UK, where his multimedia film, Correspondences, was selected for London’s “Expanded Cinema” festival.

Stateside, he's best known for his mid- '80s rock record, Love in the Western World, on the indie Exit label. Appearing without fanfare, this auspicious debut floored fans and sent usually verbose critics searching for superlatives. Steven Soles of the Alpha Band was the producer, with the post-punk 77s fueling Scott's literate mix of humor and insight, exactly on target for the era's new-wave sensibilities. For "This Sad Music", the album's showpiece, Scott juxtaposed a televangelist with a newscast of dying whales, intoning the resulting lyrical collision over the 77s' minimal soundbed.

His next foray found him reciting poetry over tape loops of ambient music on The Butterfly Effect. The album’s twelve minute plus opus, “No Memory of You” came courtesy of The Boundaries, Scott’s ongoing series of travelog/ poetry journals which have continued to spill back and forth between print and performance. Empty Orchestra, the literal meaning of “Karaoke”, was an instrumental CD, with lyrics printed inside so that the listener could be “Steve Scott for a day” by reading along to the music.

Scott returned to museum installations in the late ‘90s to stage Crossing the Boundaries, a traveling exhibit with painter Gaylen Stewart which toured worldwide from the US to China. He currently heads CANA, an international arts group which has held conferences in Asia and Eastern Europe, from Bali to Bulgaria. He writes and lectures often on the arts in the US and UK, and is the author of two books, Crying for a Vision and Other Essays, and Like a House on Fire: Renewal of the Arts in a Postmodern Culture. He holds an M.A. in Global Leadership.

As I write, The Boundaries circulate somewhere in small-run chapbooks. Tapes and CDs of his various projects, shrapnel from legendary indie labels, have scattered to the four winds. Scott’s continuing creativity and penchant to experiment have inspired more than one artist to leave the mainstream and make a hard left for parts unknown. His seemingly inexhaustible gift for renewing burnt out artists has led some to see him as a patron saint for a Lost Generation. But the last word may belong to Peter Banks of UK band, After the Fire: “A uniquely gifted musical poet? One thing you cannot do with Steve Scott is categorise him.”

-Gord Wilson.

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Crying for a Vision and Other Essays


Crying for a Vision, a collection of essays concerned with arriving at a truly Biblical approach to art, lays out for the reader precisely why (Steve Scott's) art has always been so strong.... His suggestions for basic principles of artistry,  based upon a nuanced and comprehensive grasp of scriptural passages, are profound and deeply Biblical. If you are an artist (or a pastor), or are simply interested in art, it is imperative, for the good of the Church, that you read and digest this book." -Kemper Crabb -HM magazine.

Kemper Crabb has played in Caedmon's Call, ArkAngel, Redemption, and Atomic Opera. His albums include The Vigil, Live at Cornerstone 2000, A Medieval Christmas, and Flotsam and Jetsam.


from "Cry for Love": Sightings of Faith in Culture" by Chris Well,
-CCM Magazine
Sept. 2007, p. 15.
"Yes, a must-read."

Chris Well is the author of the comic mystery novels, Forgiving Solomon Long, Deliver Us from Evelyn, and Tribulation House.

May 2008 was the last print edition of CCM, which continues as an online magazine at The magazine, which began in July of 1978, celebrated three decades as a print magazine. Subscribers were offered the option of receiving HM, beginning with issue no. 132, July/ Aug. 2008.

"Author, poet, and musician Steve Scott shares his thought-provoking views on the Bible and art in Crying for a Vision and Other Essays.
  Yes, a must-read." -Chris Well.

"needed in our post-grunge world."
"Crying for a Vision and Other Essays" book review
by Joe Tremblay

"The Permanent Things in a Bookcase"

"Who would have expected a rock-n-roller to have much to say about religion and the arts? Steve Scott has a message, and he delivers it well.

The primary audience for this book is the Christian artist. That said, I am Christian but not an artist (at least not in the traditional sense); I work as a software engineer; but maybe I am a poet at heart: because Steve Scott’s book nudged at my heart and mind. His book needs to be widely read.

One thing that I took away from reading this book is the importance of a sense of wonder. The writer who has most influenced me, G.K. Chesterton, had this sense of wonder in his life and in his art; so this element is often in my mind. Scott’s book reminded me of the need for Christians to evangelize through this sense of wonder (the apostolate of wonder??) when he wrote: “I believe that Christian artists can take on the prophetic mandate in their work, and confront more deeply than others who try.”

It is needed in our post-grunge world." -Joe Tremblay.

"Steve Scott is a rare individual who combines a deep love and understanding of Scripture with a passion for the arts." -Steve Turner, author of The Gospel According to the Beatles.

"A uniquely gifted musical poet? One thing you cannot do with Steve Scott is categorise him." -Peter Banks, keyboardist for British rock band After the Fire , known for "Der Kommissar", "Laser Love""One Rule For You", "Wild West Show" and numerous other songs.

"Steve Scott links a number of fields of inquiry that are usually perceived as unrelated. In doing so he hopes to open wider possibilities for Christians in the arts, who may perhaps be relieved to find that in many ways they were right all along." -Rupert Loydell, author of The Museum of Light.

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paperback:  ISBN:

When it first appeared in Britain some fifteen years ago, Crying for a Vision was met with sighs of relief: "At last an book about art by a working artist." "Steve Scott  offers a challenge to artists and a manifesto for the arts."

 This new expanded edition includes an introduction and study guide, four newly- collected essays and an interview with the author. New cover art by Michael Redmond. 2007. Crying for a Vision


Introduction: A Horse of a Hundred Colors
Part One: Crying for a Vision:
Are You Responsible for This Monstrosity?
The Act of Seeing With One's Own Eyes
How Can You Use Something That Leaks?
Nothing More Than Dirt?
Freedom, Power, and Creativity
Living Sacrifice/ Transformed Mind
Where Language Ends?
Towards a Lost Wax Mind
Only a Beginning
Part Two: Scratching the Surface:
The Light By Which We See
Crossing the Boundaries
Fear and Multicultural Trembling
When Worlds Collide: The Novels of Shusaku Endo
Part Three: Work in Progress:
Emotional Tourist: An Interview with Steve Scott
Crying for a Vision Study Guide
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Like a House on Fire: Renewal of the Arts in a Postmodern Culture
(Wipf and Stock edition shown).

"Like a House on Fire gives fresh light and insight into how not to retreat into the margins of postmodern analysis. This book is a wake-up call to the Church and will shake the arts world to its foundational roots."
 -Nigel Goodwin, Genesis Arts Trust.

"Steve Scott guides the artist into stepping outside the religious ghettos of safe art."
-Leen La Riviere, IACA.

"Timely and thought- provoking, Like a House on Fire inspires us to abandon our ethnocentric worldviews and embrace the arts as a bridge to other cultures." -Dr. Colin Harbinson, International Dean, College of the Arts, University of the Nations.
In the wake of Western culture's postmodern shift, is it possible to express ultimate truth, or declare absolutes of value?

In this engaging collection of essays, Steve Scott explores the possibilities
for the renewal of culture and the individual.
Published by Cornerstone Press, 1997.
Reprinted by Wipf and Stock.


Burning Down the House
Shaking the Foundations
What is Truth (in Art)?
Where Do We Go From Here?
Keeping the Body in Mind
No Other Foundation
A Jar of Dead Flies
Beautiful Feet and/ or Dirty Feet
Overlapping Circles
Masks and Roots
The Life of Signs
The Well is Deep, and You Have No Bucket
Dropping Flowers in a Basket
Coda: Am I Really Here or Is It Only Art?
Gospel of John: A Study Project
Lighting a Candle
"It Was Good is good, very, very good. For goodness' sake, taste its goodness for yourself."
 -Luci Shaw, author of The Green Earth: Poems of Creation.

Read this book and love God and life more deeply. Then give a copy to all your friends." -Denis Haack, Co-director of Ransom Fellowship.

It Was Good: Making Art to the Glory of God builds on the foundation laid in other books that have explored the validity of a Christian's calling to, and involvement in, the arts.

This collection of essays takes the next step in discussing the artist's calling. Published bySquare Halo Books, 2007. Previous edition published 2000.
Includes "Truth" by
Steve Scott.

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It Was Good:
Making Art to the
Glory of God


Foreward Sandra Bowden
  Good Ned Bustard
il William Edgar
Form and Content Makoto Fujimura
Community David Giardiniare
Glory Tim Keller
Subject and Theme Edward Knippers
Christ Charlie Peacock- Ashworth
Identity Theodore Prescott
Creativity James Romaine
Light Krystyna Sanderson
Truth Steve Scott
Symbolism Gaylen Stewart
Imagination Gregory Wolfe
Appendix 1
Appendix 2

The Boundaries by Steve Scott
Volume 1: Afterimages- Asian Sections

55 page chapbook of poetry and continuing travel journals. Copyright 1990 Steve Scott.


Church Calcutta India: Flight from SF/Frankfurt/Bombay Leela Penta Hotel The Tour Delhi Hare Krishna (London/ Avignon/ Los Angeles) The Present. Shopping in DelhiAfternoon Tour Agra Madras Trivandrum Mayday Bus/Train to Ramaswaram Bombay Again Calcutta Bread and Puppet (London/New York)Last Day in India Departure Calcutta. Delhi. Frankfurt. San Francisco.

Last Day in Bali Bali/Java: Flight SF/Bali Beach Hotel Denpasar Dyana Pura Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday/Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wayang KulitJava, Jakarta Airport Thursday Friday Saturday Back to Sarinah Department Store No Memory of You (poem) Sunday 'It's As If...' Snapshots of the Taj (poem) Dyana Pura (poem) One Hit to the Body (poem) Afterimages (poem)/ The Boundaries (poem) Beneath the Skin (poem).
The St. Petersburg Fragments by Steve Scott
(The Boundaries Volume 2).

26 page chapbook of poetry with introduction. Copyright 1993, 1996 Steve Scott. Cornerstone Press Poetry Series.


Third Floor Meditation
A Different Story
Only For You, Mister
From Genesis to Revelation
We Dreamed That We Were Strangers
Old Year
The Circle
The Beautiful Light

Out of Order: A Volume of The Boundaries
By Steve Scott

Large size 44 page chapbook from Inertia Press.
Copyright 1994 Several Houses Publishing


Farewell Meal 1. European Son: Opening Sunday 6th of June Holland First Day The City Tomorrow The World Loops The Canal Tour Mime Two First Show Carte Postale, Belgium: Projection Belgium/4AD This Monkey's Gone to Heaven  Only a Couple of Thousand Other Appearances All Night in AmersterdamEarth Died Screaming

2. Perfect Strangers: Perfect Strangers A Poem Based on Van Gogh's 'The Raising of Lazurus' The Lost Child

3. Out of Order: The Cards The Great War With Any Luck The Dancers Speak Wish

Art Rageous: Essays and Lectures By Cornerstone Festival Speakers. Seminar Notes and Essays from Cornerstone Festival 1991.

By Steve Scott, Colin Harbinson, Rupert Loydell, and Rick and Brenda Beerhorst. 81 pp. 1992, Cornerstone Press, Chicago.


The Arts: A Biblical Framework Colin Harbinson
Arts and Spiritual Warfare
Art and Revelation
The Test of Humility

Scratching the Surface Steve Scott
Lost Steps/ Drawing Conclusions
Art and Prophetic Confrontation
Like a House on Fire

Always is Never a Long Time Rupert Loydell
Abstract Art and Spirituality
Raids on the Inarticulate

Artistic and Spiritual Priorities Rick and Brenda Beerhost
Artistic and Spiritual Priorities
Notes Suggested Reading

Steve Scott Discdography
Steve Scott Interviews
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